Trang An eco-tourism complex

trangan1-210x140Covering an area of 1,961 hectares, Trang An Eco-tourism Complex belongs to the mass of Attraction Relic of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital and includes three main functional subdivisions: center area for welcoming visitors and festival organization; tourist area of Grottoes with 48 grottoes and caves together 31 large and small valleys; and hallowed cultural area of Bai Dinh Pagoda.

The Trang An Grottoes has an area of 1,500 hectares including limestone ranges, valleys, caves and rivers. All these factors make a fanciful and romantic atmosphere. There is a system of unique grottoes like Ba Giot, Dia Linh, Toi (Dark Cave), Sang (Bright Cave), Ao Trai Cave and Seo Cave. There are many valleys like Tran Temple valley, May valley, Khong Valley, Nau Ruou Valley (Wine brewing valley).

These caves are home to many wild creatures and plants and each cave has its own beauty with many stalactites in a profusion of color. Trang An is truly a land of myth and fantasy making it easy to forget the troubles of daily life. Rowing through Trang An Grotto in the quiet, fresh air of the highlands, with only the sound of the birds and the oars stirring the clear water and surrounded by magnificent forested mountains upon which graze white goats, visitors enjoy a heaven on earth.

Tourists in not only sit on a boat and cruise through the caves but also climb mountains to visit temples associated with historical relics from the dynasties of Dinh, Le, Ly and Tran from the eleventh to fifteenth centuries.

Trang An is a primary forest of great diversity in flora and fauna. According to statistics, Trang An is home to about 577 plant species including 10 species listed in the Red Book of Vietnam. He has rare animals, such as precious primate branch panties, phoenix earth…

In archealogical excavations, people discovered valuable relics like bows, dishes, pots, bricks, tiles and ancient money. Moreover, Trang An Grottoes Area also has old architectural constructions like Vuc Vong temple, Khong residence. The Beauty of New Long trans-water grottoes will surprise tourists.

Trang An Grottoes Area is considered as a great rock – garden locating in a vast lake. All the scenes seem to be mingled with which create a particular and interesting space awaking a wide range of mythical imagination